Storms bring heavy rain, hail with harvest underway in western Canada

Crop insurance adjusters are working to stay ahead of the combines after storms damaged crops across western Canada with harvest well underway, according to the Canadian Crop Hail Association.

The storms occurred Aug. 14 and Aug. 18-22.

CCHA member companies are investigating more than 300 claims of crop damage during the time period.

Darryl Tiefenbach, of Additional Municipal Hail, said storms damaged crops in the Saskatchewan communities of Langenburg and Spy Hill.

“There was 2-3 inches of rain in this area, with the hail, and that is making swathing canola challenging since the farmers are not able to see where there is standing water in some of the low spots,” he said. “Harvest is now well underway and there is a high percentage of peas and lentils being harvested through the south of the province. Conventional canola is starting to be swathed as well as cereals. The forecast for this coming week looks good for harvest to continue. A much better start to harvest in 2020 versus 2019.”

Tyson Ryhorchuk, of Rain and Hail Insurance Service, said storms damaged crops in the Manitoba communities of Morris, Letellier, Virden, Dominion City and Emerson. In Alberta, storms damaged crops in Wanham.

“Consistent extreme hot weather across the prairies in this past week has pushed many crops into maturity,” he said. “As it is now common see equipment moving in the fields, we would like to wish all operations a safe harvest.”

Murray Bantle, of Co-operative Hail Insurance Company, said storms damaged cereals, pulses and oilseeds in the Manitoba communities of Kenville, Roland, Altona, Binscarth, Decker, Miniota, St Jean, Emerson, Cartwright, Newdale and Russell.

“Damage is variable to ripening crops,” he said. “Please leave adequate samples for adjusters to examine the damage.”

In Saskatchewan, he said storms damaged oilseeds, cereals and pulses in Alida, Regina, Lajord, Sedley, Strongfield, Langenburg and Stockholm.

“There were various degrees of damage on ripening crops,” he said. “Pulse crops are advancing fast and the damage is heavier.”

Jackie Sanden, of Agriculture Financial Services Corporation, said storms damaged crops in the Alberta communities of Kitscoty, Edgerton Mayerthorpe, Radway and Worsley.

Scott McQueen, of Palliser Insurance, said storms damaged crops in the Saskatchewan community of Lagenburg.

In Alberta, he said storms damaged crops in Worsley, Wanham, Manning, Keg River, Ferintosh, Wetaskwin and Galahad. In Manitoba, storms damaged crops in Russell, Binscarth, Solsgirth, Dominion City, Virden, Hamiota, Arborg, Birtle, Isabella, Emerson, Minnedosa and Oakburn.

“Claims are starting to go quick with fields opening up due to harvest,” he said. “Better access to fields speeds up the number of claims adjusted in a day.”

Cassandra Holt, of Canadian Hail Agencies, said storms damaged crops in the Alberta communities of Killam and Beaver County.

In Saskatchewan, she said storms damaged crops in McCord. In Manitoba, storms damaged crops in Letellier, Dominion City, and Emerson.

Brendan Blight, of Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation, said storms produced pea-size hail and damaged crops in Russell and Dominion City.

“Harvest has started in lots of areas so adjustments will have to done quickly to stay ahead of the combines,” he said.