The Canadian Crop Hail Association (CCHA) has been serving the crop insurance industry since 1915. It is a member-driven organization that represents the interests of the Canadian Crop Hail managing general agencies and insurance companies. Our companies service agriculture producers in the western prairies. These private and government organizations together provide a risk management tool to the Western Canadian prairie farmer.

Members are Additional Municipal Hail Ltd. (Saskatchewan), Ag Direct Hail Insurance Ltd, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (Alberta), Canadian Hail Agencies Inc., Co-operative Hail Insurance Company, Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation, Palliser Insurance Company Ltd. and Rain and Hail Insurance Service Ltd.


The CCHA believes it is in the producer interest to provide adequate insurance protection against direct damage to growing crops by hail.  Such protection can be made available only upon adequate information and knowledge.

The CCHA supports this belief by following the outlines objectives and purposes:

  • To operate as an insurance advisory organization.
  • To gather industry statistics and information to members.
  • To consult and meet with groups or individuals having an interest in crop insurance, including, but not limited to, provincial and federal government officials and other trade associations.
  • To develop and provide in conjunction with National Crop Insurance Services, Provincial Insurance Superintendents and Provincial insurance Councils procedures and forms for adjustment of losses.
  • To conduct research, training, and education activities in order to promote improved knowledge and understanding of the appropriate aspects of crop hail insurance.


Companies writing crop hail insurance require several types of crop risk information in order to properly offer fair and equitable coverage to the Canadian producer. National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) coordinates with agricultural universities and the hail industry research and crop risk information in order to:

  • Develop fair underwriting guidelines so that crop risks may be adequately evaluated and rated prior to executing an insurance contract.
  • Develop and test accurate loss adjustment procedures to appraise crop damage at any stage of plant growth
  • Develop professional training and educational programs for agents, adjusters, farmers, and the agricultural community.
  • Through joint efforts between the CCHA, National Crop Insurance Services and major agricultural universities, an ongoing development of research programs. This information is used in the development of new and innovative procedures to assess and understand the damage to crop from hail and other perils.  This aids in the understanding of providing risk management solutions to meet the future agricultural environment.